AIR [Art Instant Recharge]

The word ‘Instant’ became essential in our day to day life. Because if the things are happen as we desire as instant or immediate, then we become happy and our surroundings too. It is not only the subject of big events, but many times even small event itself hiding beautiful moments in our life. Behind this Instant factor, technology plays a major role. Art Instant Recharge (A.I.R) goes with this concept perfectly.

Art Instant Recharge system is an automatic mobile recharge system that facilitates you to enlarge your recharge business towards successful events. The word ‘Instant’ plays key feature of this product. The system being equipped and build with latest technology by technology experts that can compete with any circumstances. This advanced Microsoft Technology enables us to migrate this system with any SMS gate ways and web based application that can easily generate the business standard to a higher level.

Our user friendly system leads you to establish your business as appointing the Distributors, Retailers and Retail outlets also. All Mobile & DTH Recharges takes place by just receiving a SMS or online requests from retailer and reply SMS can be sent via both SIM Card and Gateway.

This fully atomized system provides you the customized reports of the Purchase, Payments, and Transactions. This latest technology allows any kind of customization that required by the clients. This error free application simplifies your recharge process and enhancing the quality of your service.

Salient Features

Reliable error free application with latest technology

Available in 10, 12 & 16 ports

Recharge can be done both SMS and WEB Request

Message can be send via both SIM CARD and SMS Gateway

Easy migration with any other web based application

Stock monitoring and alerts

Retailer’s / Distributor remote purchase and remote stock transfer

Enable and Disable the network and retailers from remote

Customized transaction reports

Efficient Purchase & Sales monitoring tools

Customized Purchase, Payments and Sales reports

Remote Retailer activations

SIM CARD activations

Optimized Counter Sale part

Quick SMS & Bulk SMS

Facility to manage any network changes including responses and transaction IDs

Ability to monitor every recharge speed based on the SIM performance

Flexible with all type of LAPU SIMs

Supporting Recharge formats: Menu Driven [SAT] / SMS Mode / USSD Format