ART – Point Of Sales [ART – POS]

A-POS is a very popular and widely used in many big supermarket / departmental stores and is used to cater the need of the sales system there. This is both Online & Offline system and is used to maintain / control most of the activities occurs in big stores. A-POS maintains and controls the stock details and does online billing and generates various online reports. We believe that A-POS would enable and improve the business efficiency of the customer by enabling him with the current and upcoming technologies.

We hope that our paramount relationship enable our clients to concentrate in their Core Business, which in turn would increase the revenue of their business. In any business segment Service and Support are two core factors in the success of a Company. So we are geared up to provide them Service levels which are in line with their service requirements.

Salient Features :

Easy To Use

Fast Lookups

Complete On-Screen Help

Four Security Levels

Programmable Keys

Fast Customer Checkout

Product Photos

Touch-Screen Ready



Time Limited Specials

All Card Processing

Random Weight Barcodes

Sales Commissions

Suspended Sales

Extra discount for cash payment

Packing Slips & Labels

Exports To MS-Excel

Links To QuickBooks

Suggestion Selling

Staff Time clock

Art – POS can support various POS toll like…

Touch Screens

POS Thermal Printers


POS Peripherals

Barcode Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Tools

Application Areas where A-‘POS can be effective


Hi-Tech Stores & Malls

Retail Stores

Mobile Stores

Luggage & Accessories Stores

Gift & Article Stores

Furniture Stores

Salon & SPA

Fine Dining Restaurants

Bar & Lounges

Food Court

Bakers & Confectioners